Parody newspaper covers

From the forthcoming book “Wake Up We Humans” by Paul Clipson. I worked closely with the author, who provided most of the text. To spoof the Daily Star, Financial Times, and Guardian respectively, I looked closely at design layout, brand colours and type, visual imagery, messaging and tone of voice.

Mental health series

As an introvert working in high-pressure and competitive environments for over a decade, I've come to learn (often the hard way!) the importance of taking care of my mental health. These illustrations convey different emotions and experiences that we all encounter at some point in our lives, from depression and anxiety to self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and everything in between. By offering a lighthearted and whimsical take on these difficult issues, I hope to help people feel less alone and more capable of overcoming them.

Queen of Her Business - Character design and cartoon content for a marketing business

Social content for Norwegian client One Amazing Business. Inspired by the client's mission to inspire more women to become "Queen of their business", I created the character of a plucky yet sensitive young Queen, and illustrated a series of cartoons designed for social media, including short GIF animations to grab attention online. The project began in April 2021 and is ongoing.

Schooldazed comic strip - Character art

Some illustrations created as companion work to my comic strip, Schooldazed, which is currently in development. The strip is about three middle school friends humorously navigating a world populated by robots in a (possibly very near!) dystopian future.

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