Meet my completely random webcomic, ET CETERA! This project is a playground for my mind, where all of my thoughts and ideas that don't seem to fit anywhere else get their 15 seconds of fame. ET CETERA can be about art, relationships, snacks, trust, oak trees and mortality, cats attending business conventions, wizards, creativity... the list goes on, and that's the fun! See something you like? Prints available here.

Welcome to Agency X

Sam, Percy and Russell would be the most unlikely of friends, if not for one thing: They're all emotional wrecks! Sam is forever having panic attacks about running out of cookies or being booed off stage; Percy channels all his talents into making other people upset; and Russell will do just about anything to be liked! Welcome to Agency X (WAX) is a comic strip commentary on the crazy, complicated lives of those of us who don't quite fit in. It was published in a compilation by Keropok Comics in 2017. See the book here.

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