Welcome to Agency X, comic strip collection, 2017

Welcome to Agency X (WAX) is a commentary on the crazy, complicated lives of those of us who don't quite fit in. This first compilation brings together a selection of lighthearted yet thought-provoking strips about art, friendship, office life, dreams, social awkwardness, millennials, feminism and so much more - plus over 30 pages of character art. The comic strips originally appeared in Malaysia's The Star Newspaper, where Welcome to Agency X ran for a year from 2015-2016.

Book published by Keropok Comics, distributed by POPULAR Bookstores.

NO! A Lesson in Love, picture book, 2010

‘NO! A Lesson in Love’ is a light-hearted, comical and even nostalgic picture book for adults, about the frustration and mistakes, but ultimately the fun and love, in owning a pet.

More about the book...

What’s the first communication an owner has with his/her pet? A delighted coo? An affectionate pat on the head? A hug? I think I speak on behalf of a lot of pet owners that the first word would be, ‘NO!’

It’s not that we don’t love our pets, it’s just that we get frustrated with their mistakes. It’s not that we don’t want to give them a hug instead; we just think that getting a scolding will teach them to avoid the next one! A case of classic tough love, and it doesn’t take an animal lover to relate – parents do it, too.

But what about a little positive reinforcement instead? They say that it's the simple difference between “Don’t dirty the car” and “Please keep the car clean”. This book uses the allegory of good pet ownership to gently and laughingly nudge the reader into thinking about the way he or she approaches the mistakes of others – and to invite him or her to relook at the way he or she communicates. It reveals a sense of empathy to both children and adults, using an innocent and naïve illustration style, as well as an approachable, reflective tone and manner.