The Week in Cartoons! March 2 - March 8

A couple of weeks of news coming up - in cartoon form! I had a lot of fun with these, after all the news just gives and gives these days. Or perhaps it’s because I’m now actively looking for the ridiculousness in every story. Regardless, we had gorillas at the San Diego Zoo getting their Covid-19 jabs (good on you, guys!), Mr Potato Head making a huge transition announcement and then pretty much immediately going back on it (huh?), medical misinformation being openly sold as ‘non-fiction’ in big name bookstores like Waterstones… and so, so much more.

Click through the captions in the slideshow to read more context on each cartoon. Enjoy!

As the government umms and ahhs over when we might be able to book holidays, I imagine a travel agent that saves you the bother - book and cancel with the click of a button!

Loved the news story about gorillas at San Diego zoo getting to the front of the line for a coronavirus vaccine. And I’d never drawn gorillas before, so this was a good reason to start!

Mr Potato Head supposedly going gender neutral, and then actually just being a big misunderstanding, was a big story a week or so ago; meanwhile, all I could think was who cares, it’s an awful looking toy anyway!

There’s been a lot of talk about people getting dressed up for their jabs, and I for one am all for it. I’ve heard of nurses complaining that men never wear the right shirts though. Loose sleeves, guys!

Those Tom Cruise deepfakes were SURREAL. A lot of people are saying deepfakes are a Pandora’s Box, but I think as long as we only use it to pretend we’re Tom Cruise going golfing, society should be OK?

On March 8, the people of England were permitted finally to go outside and have a coffee on a bench with a friend. Here I imagine the last bench in the park and a queue around the bushes to sit on it.

The UK government wants to

Allegra Stratton, who is leading the UK’s communication strategy, comes from a background at ITV, so I thought I’d peep in at one of her creative brainstorms for how the UK Govt should present their briefings.

Kids are back to school, but perhaps not soon enough? There’s a lot of talk and fear around the idea of ‘lost years of learning’ due to lockdown, and I just think the phrase itself is overly dramatic, fit for a Harry Potter adventure.

Medical misinformation books that encourage people to fear the jab were spotted in Waterstones and other big name bookstores; I thought it would be funny to see the other ‘non-fiction’ titles according to those bookstores.

People decided to ‘slow clap’ for the government, after a measly 1% payrise was offered to the NHS. I think the Tories would be oblivious to the sarcasm, tbh.

An anti-vaxxer joke - Mom fights peer pressure from her kid while ‘everyone else’ gets a jab. I’m not sure this one actually works or is funny. But there you go! All part of the learning process.

Gyms reopen next month according to the lockdown roadmap, and it reminded me of how much I’m enjoying virtual yoga classes at home, as compared to having to compete and battle with other citydwellers in a mad rush for ‘calm’…

I’m really enjoying honing this side of my cartoon work. It’s only been a month but I feel that I’m learning a lot with every batch - jokes that work well, topics that I prefer over others, how to keep details minimal so the idea comes across as quickly and clearly as possible, that kind of thing. 

I still feel I’m in the mode of trying to come up with something that ‘seems like an editorial cartoon’, or something that ‘editors are looking for’ rather than being completely true to my own voice, so that is something I plan to work on a bit more in the next batch.