The Week in Cartoons! March 15 - 22

One of the hazards of making cartoons for submission is that when they finally get to my blog, they’re old news! So these cartoons are from a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve added context in the captions in case you missed the stories that inspired them. Today we have plenty of cartoon dogs, one questionable flower in the Kew Gardens, a couple of exhausted parents relaxing to the tune of other people’s failures… and a few other cartoons too. Enjoy!

Children went back to school in early March, and after a year of their complaints about missing their friends, I imagined one child’s rude awakening on his return…

Just as pandemic puppies have been a ‘thing’ over lockdown, so have (disturbingly) puppy thieves. I wish dogs were able to defend themselves against these crooks!

Inspired by my awareness of my own dwindling social aptitude. The few moments where I’ve been out again in ‘society’, I’ve fumbled in many a conversation…

They say you need to rest a certain amount after exercising… but that’s never been a problem for me.

Taskmaster is a UK gameshow where celebrities compete in humorous and impossible tasks. I like to think of it as ‘fail-tertainment’.

I think I could have dialled up the drama on this one, but basically it’s a cat and dog having a grand ol’ time while their owner is out, instead of being anxious in the slightest.

A REALLY silly one. There’s been so much talk in the UK about ministers making sure the Union Jack is clearly visible (and massive) in their TV interviews. One minister was mocked for having ‘too small’ a flag (sarcasm - it was ginormous) I imagined a surreal interview where the tables were turned.

The Kew Gardens was in the news over its decision to ‘de-colonise’ its collection. Many felt that the plants were being unnecessarily politicised, and I thought it might be funny to imagine a ‘racist’ plant protesting its innocence the same way many a closeted racist does.

Now, in hindsight I would have switched the placement of these lines - but as it stands, this cartoon is about the ruling that people visiting care homes could hold hands with only ONE person, and the idea that a beloved grandchild would have to choose grandma or grandpa.

That awkward moment when you meet someone in the park after lockdown and ask what breed their dogs are, only to find out that every single one was a pandemic purchase!