The Week in Cartoons! Feb 13 - Feb 18, 2021

I’m excited to share my second try at editorial cartoons, known here in the UK as “pocket cartoons”. There’s never a dull day in the news. If the media insists on finding new ways to stress me out every day, then I ought to at least get something out of it too! 

This week we had more talk of terrible conditions at quarantine hotels, leading me to draw up my favourite cartoon of this batch, “Sanitise ‘n’ Go”. Beyond lockdown roadmap announcements and ever more infectious strains of COVID-19, the news also brought such gems as an app called Cobble, which as I understand it helps couples figure out what the heck to do with each other all day long. A couple of random thoughts as well on the (fingers crossed!) arrival of Spring, Keir Starmer, and sectionals. 

A tiny snippet of the context in the captions, in case you missed these news stories. Enjoy!

Sanitise ‘n’ Go - “inspired” by complaints about conditions in the UK’s quarantine hotels

Business or Business - replacing the (custom)ary question of “Business or pleasure” while travel restrictions are in force

Delete Facebook - Australians are being told to delete Facebook in protest, here I imagine the classic guilt trip deletion screen but with Mark Zuckerberg, Cheryl Sandberg and others from Facebook laying the guilt trip

Together forever - On the Cobble app and how it could keep couples together against their will!

Lockdown roadmap - The way out remains unclear…

Stunt double - As new variants continue to emerge, I imagine a world where our stunt doubles run our errands

Spring comes to England - Inked up on a rare sunny day which then turned into a week of gloom

Keir Starmer’s New Chapter - it’s impossible to escape the baggage and challenges of the old, hence a book with its pages stuck together

£800 cover charge - house parties can take 14, anything over that incurs a fine of £800

Sectionals making a comeback - As friends and families try to meet up in socially distanced ways, I imagine the trusty sectional sofa making a comeback - the longer, the better!