My first blog post.

I’ve never been one for small measures. For plenty of women, a major life change means it’s time to do something new to your hair - dye it green, lop it off, start wearing it like Bjork in the 90s. But when my marriage came apart at its poorly sewn seams in 2018, there was no way a haircut was ever going to do the trick.

In less than three months, I asked for a divorce, moved out of my home, left a promising art career in Malaysia, packed my bags and got on a plane back to the UK. Where for all intents and purposes, I had no friends, no family, no career. I physically flung myself as far as possible from my past, my regrets, and my failures - but I didn’t realise that it would take much longer for my heart to catch up. Since I got here, I’ve switched jobs twice, moved house thrice, and been through so many other changes, some difficult, others thankfully wonderful. 

After a yearlong unforeseen hiatus, I’m here to (cautiously) say, “I’m back”.

How’s that for a first blog post.