Schooldazed comic strip, Animated titles

I developed these super short, super simple animations to support my Schooldazed comic strip project on social media, creating a 'thumbstopping' moment for my audience and getting them intrigued to swipe through the story. Each animated title references what the following comic strip will be about, while being an 'extra' piece of Schooldazed content in its own right. Subscribe to Schooldazed on Patreon by clicking here!

The Idea, short GIFs and animated prose

"The Idea" is a character that I created in late 2020, the physical embodiment of a creative idea in its raw, unpolished state - a shapeless pink blob in the mind of the artist. These animations (and accompanying comic strips) are part of an ongoing personal project about creative vulnerability. To see comic strips featuring characters like The Idea and more, click here!